Rock Chip Repair

Any windshield damage should be fixed right away. Because today’s small problem can become tomorrows headache. When left untreated, windshield damage is likely to spread.

Minor damage can be mended before it spreads and requires additional money and time to fix. Repair is possible when only the outer layer of the laminated safety glass is damaged.

Here are typical rock chips that can be repaired: If they are smaller than the size of a quarter, and are not in the driver’s direct line of sight.Floyd Auto Glass to Go Rock Chip

These types of repairs take about 30 minutes to fix and usually leave a small blemish where the glass is broken.

DID YOU KNOW? Many insurance companies will cover Rock Chip Repair! Call us for details.



1. How many rock chips can I have replaced? 

The State of Missouri will allow up to 3 rock chips before they will fail the windshield during an inspection.

2. Can you fix the rock chip at my house?

Of course we can call. Call 636-922-3569 to schedule an appointment

3. Do rock chips always spread? 

Not always, but most of the time Yes. I have heard of rock chips holding on for dear life for 3 years and they hit on bump and it cracks the whole windshield. I have also seen a rock hit my windshield and within 3 minutes it is cracked all the way across. Glass can be a very tricky and un-predictable substance. We see more windshield cracks in the winter months. You may have a rock chip that has been siting for a while, you forget about it and when you crank your defroster, the crack spreads like a sprinter.

4. How do you fix Rock Chips?

The windshield repair process starts by cleaning the damaged area to remove any sediment that can settle into the small cracks around the damaged area. Once the area is rid of debris, a special resin is injected into the rock-chip that matches your windshield’s strength, tint, and light refraction to aid in the concealment of the damage. Finally, the resin is cured by exposing it to UV light from either the sun, or another specialty tool.

5. Will my rock chip completely disappear? 

While this is always the goal, it is not always possible. Once we see your rock chip, our certified technician will be able to give you a better idea of how it will look when the repair is finished

6. Do you have a Rock Chip Warranty? 

Absolutely! You can read all about Floyd’s Warranty HERE

7. Will my insurance cover my rock chip?

That will be a question for your agent. Many times it is covered, and if it is, we will work with your insurance to file the claim to make it as easy as possible for you. Learn more about how insurance works HERE

8. How do I schedule an appointment for my rock chip?

Just call the office at 636-922-3569 and we will handle it from there