Should You File a Claim for Your Windshield?

FloydThinkingFinalOne of the most common question that we get is” Should I turn this into my insurance?” or, “Will this raise my insurance rates?” The answer is not as straight forward as it used to be.

If your windshield (or other glass, e.g., side windows, rear window, or sunroof) is damaged by something other than a collision, you’ll likely pay for it using comprehensive coverage. However, understand that this coverage is optional and if you don’t have it, you may be on your own when it comes time to pay for repairs.

Comprehensive coverage typically pays for damages occurring from:

  • Storms.
  • Fires.
  • Vandalism.
  • Animal collisions.

Check to see whether your car insurance company includes windshield repair and replacement in your comprehensive coverage.

Even if you read the words “auto glass repair,” inquire if it is all-inclusive. Auto glass replacement on some comprehensive coverage plans only covers the side and back windows, but not the windshield.

Consider Your Deductible

Before filing a windshield repair claim, which Floyd Auto Glass to Go will do for you, compare the cost of replacement with the size of your comprehensive deductible.

If your deductible is greater than the cost of the estimated repair, it won’t be worth your while to file a claim.

However, do note that some car insurance companies and some policies will allow for glass replacement without requiring payment of a deductible. Most likely, your coverage will cost more; however, you’ll save on your deductible.

The Potential Impact on Your Premium

In most cases, a claim for glass damage that does not result from a collision does not cause an increase in your car insurance rates. However, this will vary by car insurance company. This is a great question for your agent. A good agent will sit down with you and explain your plan and options.

You may want to think twice about filing a claim if the cost of your repair is only a small amount greater than the amount of your deductible.


Your windshield gets cracked by a flying rock and:

  • The windshield repair cost is $270.
  • You have a $250 deductible.
  • The insurance company will contribute only $20.

Consider whether saving $20 is worth filing the claim. The claim will go on your car insurance claim record. Essentially, having more claims on your record increases your perceived risk and, in turn, the chances of seeing a hike in your auto insurance renewal rates.

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